The EQ4Africa conference (Kenya) and the Africa Emotional Intelligence (Nigeria) are annual conferences that bring together leading global minds in Emotional Intelligence to drive transformation across Africa in homes, businesses & communities.

The conferences are a platform for knowledge sharing, experiential learning & networking – where participants share insights, develop practical skills & gain best practice tips on how to leverage Emotional Intelligence to thrive in the constantly evolving environment.

Started in 2018 in Nigeria (Africa Emotional Intelligence Conference) and 2019 in Kenya (EQ4Africa Conference), these events have brought together 603 organisations, and impacted over 1200 delegates across Africa - empowering them with the skills to leverage Emotional Intelligence at work, and in life. The attendees, key decision makers in their respective organisations, reported behavioural change resulting in heightened awareness, increased effectiveness & enhanced performance.
Organizations have been presented with a new set of challenges in managing employee mental strength and emotional wellbeing as they adapt to remote working and distorted lines between home and work, all whilst navigating ongoing uncertainty and economic constraints.

The 4th Annual EQ4Africa Conference will explore how organisations can make a genuine commitment to employee wellbeing, building a psychologically positive and connected workplace.

Employees will be introduced to actionable strategies that can be utilized to navigate mental health challenges & maintain balance for greater wellbeing.

This conference is an opportunity for employers and employees to discuss a hugely important, but widely ignored and under-estimated, topic.

Breakout sessions will be facilitated through 2 tracks. The available tracks are as follows:
  1. THE WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP TRACK (Work Life Balance: The Superwoman myth - for women only)
  2. THE MAN ENOUGH TRACK (Real Men Don't Cry - for men only)