EQ4 Africa Conference
Mental Health Breakfast Edition
19th May 2023

Building resilience for greater effectiveness at work

​Organizations have been presented with a new set of challenges in managing employee mental strength and emotional wellbeing as they adapt to remote working and distorted lines between home and work, all whilst navigating ongoing uncertainty and economic constraints.

The 4th Annual EQ4Africa Conference will explore how organisations can make a genuine commitment to employee wellbeing, building a psychologically positive and connected workplace.

Employees will be introduced to actionable strategies that can be utilized to navigate mental health challenges & maintain balance for greater wellbeing.

This conference is an opportunity for employers and employees to discuss a hugely important, but widely ignored and under-estimated, topic.
  1.  Discover real-world strategies for your organization and learn tips to kickstart and/or strengthen your workplace wellbeing initiative.
  2.  Learn how to leverage Emotional Intelligence as a tool to build greater resilience & maintain balance for greater wellbeing.
  3.  Discover the myths that exist for men & women around Mental Health & how to successfully navigate them.
  4.  Hear from well-respected industry experts in the fiends of Mental Health, Emotional Intelligence & Organisational Development.
  5. Listen to a personal journey about breaking the stigma of mental health.
  6. Get your questions answered through an interactive Q & A.
  7. Learn from a selection of personal stories, case studies, and panel discussions.

For more information, download the Eq4africa Concept Note  below.

Mucha Mlingo

Convener, EQ4Africa Conference + Lead Changemaker, PTS Africa

Philbert Julai

Head, Marketing, Nation Media Group

Tessie Omulo

Account Director at Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Daniel Makau

Senior Human Resource Business Partner, NCBA Group

Joy Zawadi

Executive Director, Akili Dada

Waithaka Gatumia

CEO, Centonomy Limited

Victoria Rika

Counselling Psychologist, Chiromo Hospital Group

Alice Njambi

The Conscious Life Coach

Wycliffe Osoro

HR Head, East Africa Sub Cluster, Swissport

Dr Scholastic Adeli (OGW)

Senior Lecturer, Moi University

Lynee Etemesi

Founder, The Mental Wellness Project Africa

Kevin Maina

Digital Creator, Events Moderator & Journalist

Zuhura Odhiambo

CEO and Founder, New Revenue Solutions Africa(NRSA)

Mogusu Momanyi

Founder & CEO, Goldsky Ltd Co

Mary Wanjiku

Wellness Manager, Minet Kenya

The EQ4Africa Conference is an annual event that brings together leading global minds in Emotional Intelligence to drive transformation across Africa in homes, businesses & communities.

The conference is a platform for knowledge sharing, experiential learning & networking – where participants share insights, develop practical skills & gain best practice tips on how to leverage Emotional Intelligence to thrive in the constantly evolving environment.

Started in 2019 in Kenya, these events have brought together organisations across the continent, and impacted over 500 delegates - empowering them with the skills to leverage Emotional Intelligence at work, and in life. The attendees, key decision makers in their respective organisations, reported behavioural change resulting in heightened awareness, increased effectiveness & enhanced performance.


  • Date: 05/19/2023 07:00 AM
  • Location: Sarova Panafric, Nairobi (Map)

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