07:00 AM - 07:30 AM
Arrival & Registration

Guests arrive at their leisure. Breakfast is served

07:30 AM - 07:40 AM
Welcome & Opening Remarks

The EQ4Africa Conference: Mental Health Edition 2.0 officially opened by Convener, Mucha Mlingo - Founder & Lead Changemaker, PTS Africa

07:40 AM - 08:40 AM
Panel Discussion

Decoding the Modern Dilemma: Work-Life Balance – Challenges and Opportunities.

A panel of experienced professionals, including HR experts, mental health practitioners, and employees, will discuss the common challenges people face in maintaining work-life balance and explore potential solutions and opportunities.

Samson Mwangi
Teach For Kenya
*Top Rated HR – Mental Health @ Work Challenge
Mary Wanjiku
Wellness Consultant
Mary Thuo
CEO, Cityscape
Danny Stoker
Director, People – M-Kopa

Moderator: Faith Gichanga, Bliss Or Blisters

08:50 AM - 09:20 AM
Mini Workshops

Participants will join a Mini-Workshop

Workshop 1: Building a Supportive Workplace Culture: Mental Health Strategies For HR Professionals
Facilitator: John Wills Njoroge

By attending this workshop, HR practitioners will be introduced to tools and strategies that can be utilised to cultivate a supportive workplace culture that prioritizes mental health. leading to improved employee morale, engagement, and overall organizational health.

Workshop 2: Building Resilience for Better Work-Life Balance: Managing Stress & Preventing Burnout
Facilitator: Mucha Mlingo

By attending this workshop, participants will gain practical skills and strategies for enhancing their mental and emotional well-being, leading to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and overall life satisfaction

Workshop 3: Balancing Act: Juggling Business and Personal Well-being – Mental Health Strategies For Entrepreneurs
Facilitator: Nellie Kinyanjui

By attending this workshop, entrepreneurs will gain valuable insights and resources to support their mental health, ultimately leading to greater resilience, productivity, and success in both their personal and professional lives

09:30 AM - 09:50 AM
Keynote Speech

Keynote speaker will share insights into how maintaining balance is critical for mental health & emotional wellbeing

10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
Panel Discussion

Real People, Real Solutions: Personal Stories of Resilience

Panel discussion featuring individuals who have overcome mental health challenges as they share their personal testimonies and insights on their journey to recovery.

Ruby Njonjo, Centonomy
Angela Nderu, 'I Am Angela'
Adv. Gichohi Waweru, Advocate Of The High Court Of Kenya
Freda Gachie, Card Group
David Maeri, Young Visionaries

Moderator: Mucha Mlingo, PTS Africa

10:45 AM - 11:00 AM
Wrap Up

Way Foward, Event Close with Networking, Photos & Testimonials