The EQ4Africa Conference: Mental Health Edition 2.0, "Nurturing Balance: A Mental Health Conference for Work-Life Harmony" will;

  1. Raise Awareness & Educate:  Participants will learn about the significance of work-life balance and how it directly influences mental health, and discover insights, knowledge, and practical strategies to maintain a healthy work-life balance and take ownership of their mental health & emotional wellbeing.
  2. Unlock The Power Of Personal Stories & Promote Dialogue:  Participants will be exposed to a platform of lived mental health experiences & personal journeys with meaningful discussions and networking opportunities among professionals, employers & mental health experts.  
  3. Share Best Practices & Inspire Action:  Participants will explore successful case studies and best practices from organizations & entrepreneurs that have effectively integrated mental health and work-life balance initiatives and be part of a challenge to take proactive steps to prioritize mental health in the workplace.  

For more information, download the EQ4Africa Conference: Mental Health Edition 2.0 Concept Note below.