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The 2nd EQ4AFRICA Conference will be held on the 2nd of July 2020. Given the prevailing circumstances around the world due to COVID-19, the EQ4Africa Conference will explore how organizations can leverage EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE to thrive in and beyond the crisis!

  • Date: 07/02/2020 08:00 AM
  • Location Online Event


At the start of the year we all had lofty aspirations for the year ahead, however, life threw us a curveball and we closed quarter 1 with the uninvited and unexpected arrival of the coronavirus that brought our lives to a standstill.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to extend it’s tentacles across the globe.

These are extremely difficult times, and making it more difficult is that these are uncharted waters full of speculation, self-appointed gurus and presumptive forecasts, leaving those in business unclear on what we should or shouldn't be done and how best to drive engagement.

We believe Emotional Intelligence is the answer. We have not seen what we are experiencing in our lifetime and it will take head + heart to navigate through it.

The evidence is increasingly compelling. The measurable, learnable skills of Emotional Intelligence make a significant impact on organizational performance, especially in times of crisis

The EQ4Africa Conference 2020 is scheduled for Thurs 2nd July, 2020 from 8am – 1.30pm VIRTUALLY. 

The theme for the conference is Organisational Vitality: Thriving In The ‘New Normal’ Post COVID-19.

Join the annual EQ4Africa Conference and engage with Africa’s leading minds as they explore the role of emotions at the workplace, and how organisations can pivot to the new normal

What can you expect from EQ4Africa 2020?

Participants should expect:

  • To understand the impact of emotions on engagement & productivity.
  • To develop practical solutions to ignite motivation & drive sustainable performance.
  • To recognise the importance of creating a ‘safe space’ – a supportive environment that will allow team members to process & find closure to ensure balance in a post-COVID 19 world.
  • To acquire skills that will enable them to develop a heightened level of self awareness & identify appropriate responses to successfully navigate the prevailing emotions in the workplace.
  • To build the emotional muscle necessary to thrive in the new normal.