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Theme: A Whole New World

  • Date: 10/05/2021 09:00 AM - 10/07/2021 12:30 PM
  • Location Online Event


One year later, and we seem to be in the same boat - battling an invisible enemy who continues to wreak havoc in our lives! The world as we know it is changing. The pandemic proves to be the greatest test on our Emotional Intelligence. This unprecedented global crisis has changed the core of our daily rhythm - how we work, connect & interact with other people. 

For many employees, working remotely, perhaps for the first time, with heightened pressure to deliver, there exists a feeling of isolation & disconnectedness. Additionally, with online learning & homeschooling, families have been forced to re-think spaces, schedules & how they socialise. 

Across the continent, leaders find themselves ill equipped to manage the emotional trauma & the indelible scars that the pandemic has left on everyone. Now more than ever it is clear that emotional wellbeing is a key contributor to engagement which in turn drives organisational success. At the same time organisations/companies have had to rethink their annual strategies, making decisions in a world where the road ahead is unclear, and the impact of any changes uncertain. 

Most of us, from the oldest to the youngest members of our society, are struggling to manage our emotions, maintain balance & wellbeing, and cope with the impact of the pandemic. 

Emotional Intelligence is the very attribute that helps us navigate through the challenges, unpredictability and potential loss that comes with a crisis.

Join the 3rd edition of the EQ4Africa conference which will run from Tues 5th - Thurs 7th Oct, from 9-12.30pm.

Participants who join the EQ4Africa Conference will gain:

  1. Renewed Clarity Of Purpose: 
    The power of having a ‘common purpose’ is a performance enhancer for individuals (increasing motivation and engagement), as well as driving the overall success of the organization.
  2. Enhanced Change Readiness: 
    The capacity to navigate change and lead effectively through uncertainty are both essential skills in this turbulent world we are living in. Emotional Intelligence is the key to successful change management
  3. Sustained Vitality and Well Being:
    Burnout is up 33% worldwide, and hence both employers and individuals are realizing the value of mental and emotional health and practical ways to boost resilience.

Every participant will complete an assessment & receive the Six Seconds Brain Talent Report, a tool that provides an insight into how you can best put EQ into practice - leveraging your Brains EQ strengths (talents).  This EQ Assessment is valued at $12